As Girls Aloud prepare for the UK leg of their triumphant comeback tour, it’s been revealed that all 5 girls are to stay sober. They have even banned alcohol at after show parties in their bid to help their friend stay on the wagon after her much publicised battle with alcohol.

Falling off the wagon

Sarah,  member of girls Aloud was, almost from the beginning, known as the “partying one” Often pictured by the paparazzi falling out of nightclubs in the wee small hours, she won the dubious accolade of *Caner of the Year” from the Sun newspaper . She’s been sober since 2011 – when a split from her fiancé left her at rock bottom.

They tried to make me go to rehab…

Sarah checked into residential rehabilitation in 2011 after she could no longer cope with the demands of everyday life.  Residential rehabilitation is recognized as one of the most successful ways to help someone on their road to recovery.  24 hour supervision and no physical access to alcohol will help an addict avoid temptation break free of the addiction that can take over their whole life.

Someone to talk to

Another benefit of residential rehabilitation is having a qualified counsellor or therapist on hand around the clock, especially with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Scared of being a burden on loved ones, or fearful of rejection, someone with an addiction is often loathe to speak to their nearest and dearest about their addiction. Until someone admits they have a problem it is can be very difficult and frustrating trying to help them. The camaraderie of residential rehabilitation will also have been a great boost to Sarah’s rehabilitation. Quite often the realisation that they are not alone is a big turning point in any addicts recovery – led to isolation by their addiction they often feel a great sense of relief when they realise they are not alone.

Dual Diagnosis

It is not uncommon for drinking to go hand in hand with mental health issues like depression. When a person is diagnosed with this, it is usually referred to as dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis requires a bespoke treatment plan to treat both conditions in unison.

Friendship and support

Those recovering from alcohol addiction usually find that drinking in moderation doesn’t work and are best to quit drinking altogether. Finding temptation hard to resist is often difficult for a recovering alcoholic. Therefore, it is usually bet to try and avoid occasions where people are drinking, and other situations that cause them to reach for the bottle. The show of unity from Sarah’s band mates demonstrates the strength of their friendship and how the girls are willing to make changes to their own behaviour to help their friend.  Drinking often changes a person’s character and can make them difficult to be around, especially in a professional capacity. Of course, if Sarah did start drinking again, the whole tour could be put in jeopardy and after 3 years apart the girls are keen that it all goes smoothly.


Not just for celebrities

Rehabilitation and professional treatment is not just for the rich and famous. There are many treatment available on the NHS and may be covered by certain Insurers. If you or someone you know is suffering from a problem with alcohol or drugs then try and seek help straight away.