gazdrinkPaul Gascoigne called old friend Jimmy “five bellies” Gardner this week from rehab in America. In the emotional call from his bedside in the hospital he was taken to after his seizure, he told his old drinking buddy how he was determined to beat the booze once and for all. Gazza was returning to rehab from the hospital after being declared well enough to continue treatment.
Paul Gascoigne was seriously ill before his admission to a US rehab centre. He revealed how his last binge almost killed him but clings on to the hope that one day his 11-year-old nephew Cameron who is already showing time as a footballer grows up to play for Newcastle United.
Gazza revealed how he reached his lowest ebb but was determined to beat his daemons for good this time. He said “the drink nearly finished me off this time. I know I’ve never been as bad as this before. But I’m not ready to give up the fight. I’m getting better now. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there.”
His old pal Jimmy has been worried about him some time but is hopeful that the former football’s golden boy has turned a corner. Jimmy said: “Paul sounded frail and weak and scared. I could hear something else in his voice to. I could hear great and determination. No one knows poor like I do and I can tell you, he’s not for throwing in the towel.” Gardner has been a rock to Gascoigne and is one of his oldest friends.
He continued: “I love him to his bones I can’t think about him not being here. You beat the booze. He’s done it before and he’ll do it again.”
Gazza had been locked largely incommunicado since his admission to the £6000 a week rehab facility. Having left hospital after his seizure he will now face a lengthy stint in the private treatment centre where he will undergo rehab. He’ll be largely cut off from the outside world as he concentrates his energies into getting better.
Residential rehabilitation is sometimes only answer for alcoholics who find it impossible to stop drinking. Having no access to alcohol and 24 hour supervision, they are unable to relapse while in a private alcohol rehab facility. Whilst his body gets a chance to start recovering from the adverse effects of alcohol addiction, he will receive behaviour therapy to help him address the reasons behind his drinking. Gazza has very limited options now, he must recover the sake of his health. Beating addiction has not been something Gazza has managed to conquer so far. Intensive rehab will give Paul the tools on which to live a more healthy life. Residential rehabilitation is just the start of this journey-Paul will always have to fight temptation and recovery will be a lifelong process.
It would be a great shame if Gazza were to lose his battle with addiction, as he puts they can draw on the resolve and strength that once made him one of Britain’s greatest sporting heroes.

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