How to get an alcoholic into rehab

The main issues to be considered around getting an alcoholic into alcohol rehab are: do they want to go? And how is it going to be funded? If an alcoholic wants to get into rehab, it makes life a lot easier as half the battle is won. However, if they are not motivated to seek help, then this is something that Addiction Helper can support you through.

Firstly, we have written literature called Motivation in Addiction, which is designed to give the family and friends of an alcoholic tips on how to deal with the situation. We also offer an intervention service for those alcoholics who are steadfastly refusing to enter rehab. This involves a home visit from one of our interventionists who will work with the person and their family to get the alcoholic to the point where they are ready to seek help. The interventionist will then take the alcoholic to rehab.

Once an alcoholic agrees to enter rehab, the next step is deciding how it is going to be funded. If there is private medical insurance, this will sometimes cover the cost of treatment. Each policy has its own terms so it will be important to phone them and check residential treatment is covered. If it is, call us and we can guide you through arranging rehab. If medical insurance is not present, then it should be considered whether there is funding available to pay for treatment privately. These two options provide the most immediate options for getting an alcoholic into treatment; admission can usually be arranged the same day or the following day. For further advice on either of these options, call one of our addictions counsellors who will be happy to help.

If there is no funding available for private options, it is important not to lose hope, but to accept that there will be a waiting list involved. This is due to the fact that there is not a huge deal of funding from the government for alcohol addiction, but there are a great deal of people suffering from it. The best way to access the free services is to contact the local drug and alcohol team and also to attend AA meetings which are free and immediately available.

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