Gail Porter Faces Her Demons at a South African Rehab

Gail Porter has given a frank interview with the Sun newspaper where she discusses her battle with depression and alcohol. The 41-year-old Scottish TV presenter has had a tough few years. In 2005, she developed alopecia totalis, which meant that she lost all her hair – this has been an ongoing problem since that time. Gail has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and admits that she had become overly dependent on alcohol. In August, she had reached the point where she had enough, and decided to check herself into a tough South African rehab in Cape Town.

Gail’s Experience at South African Rehab

Daniel Gerrard from Addiction Helper arranged Gail’s treatment in the South African rehab. Like many people these days, she decided that her best option for alcohol addiction help would be abroad. The South African rehabs have developed a reputation for providing unique and effective approaches to recovery. These facilities also tend to attract hordes of young people, so this creates a therapeutic environment that is full of excitement and energy.

In the interview with the Sun newspaper, it is obvious that Gail had a life altering experience during her time in a South African rehab. She stayed there for three months and is delighted by the experience. Gail says that the counsellors were brilliant, but they really had to give her a “kick up the arse” so that she could see how “selfish” and “stupid” she had been in the past. One of the most life altering parts of the program for Gail seems to have come from spending time with other people who were in an even worse situation than she was. It gave her a reality check and made it easier to appreciate the good things in her life. From the description provided by Gail it sounds like the alcohol rehab program was pretty gruelling, but she is overjoyed with the end result.

Slide into Addiction Problems

Gail Porter has been dealing with episodes of depression since childhood, but it seems to have been her mother’s death from lung cancer in 2009 that brought her to a new low. Her mother had been a great source of strength after Gail lost her hair in 2005, and the loss of this important person in her life felt devastating. She began to wonder if she was being punished for something bad she had done in a previous life – things really started to get on top of her, as it seemed that she was moving from one terrible event to another. Like many people in this position, Gail turned to alcohol. In her case, this was mostly white wine. Despite the periods of numbness, she quickly discovered that alcohol is no answer to depression, and this led her further and further into the abyss. Luckily, she managed to pull back from the brink and was able to ask for help.

In an article in the Daily Mail prior to her admission to rehab Gail admitted that she was terrified but knew that she had to take action. Like most people though, she found that her fears about the recovery process were greatly exaggerated, and although there was a great deal of hard work, it was never beyond what she could easily cope with. During her stay in rehab, Gail met many people who were dealing with depression alongside addiction problems. This gave her the chance to see that she was not alone, and it seems that she was able to make some good friends with the other residents. To Gail’s surprise, there were times in rehab when she felt the happiest she had ever been – this is a common observation made by people who enter this type of facility.

The Future for Gail Porter

Gail Porter has returned from rehab a changed woman. She is extremely positive about the future, and she now finds it easier to appreciate the good things in her life – especially her daughter, Honey. This new attitude is notjust about saying the right things though; the rehab effect has encouraged her to take positive action in her life. She has moved into a brand new apartment, become re-energised in her career, and is even considering entering the data arena once again. This is a huge change from the terrified and depressed woman who entered rehab a few months ago.

Gail Porter seems to be a good example of how rehab can really give people a new start in life. Of course, only time will tell if this is going to be the end of her alcohol problems. The reality is that rehab is just the vital first step, but there are plenty more steps that need to follow in order to ensure lifelong abstinence. So far so good though – Gail loves her new life.

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