Knowing where to turn for the right help and support when alcohol becomes a problem can be extremely confusing. That is where addiction helper comes in. Our aim is to help you in making the right choice about seeking treatment for alcohol addiction.

Many people struggle with the question, what is problem drinking? The simple answer is this: if alcohol is costing you more than money, then it is a problem. Alcohol can affect ANYONE regardless of intelligence, upbringing or wealth. However, the most vital thing to remember is that you CAN get well. Millions of people have done it. All that’s required is the desire to get better, and the right sort of support.

Let addiction helper guide you through the maze of options out there. Our telephone counsellors do not believe in “selling” treatment in the same way you would sell double glazing. We want to help. Our telephone counsellors come from a range of backgrounds in order to ensure that we have the right knowledge for each case; nurses, psychology students, and those that are in recovery themselves.

We will spend time with you talking about your individual requirements and answering any questions you may have. We will happily explore both private and NHS services with you in order to work on a treatment plan that is going to have a successful outcome. Alcohol help is available, seek help before it’s too late.