Our Sober Services help clients to reach and maintain their recovery with the one-to-one help of a professional. At Addiction Helper, we work closely with qualified Sober individuals to ensure that we match the right one to every client.

Sober Transport

We believe that our clients should be accompanied into treatment following an intervention. The transition from the home to the addiction treatment centre can be traumatic and challenging. We want to make the journey as safe and seamless as possible. We can therefore supply Sober Companions who will accompany the client on this journey. They will ensure our clients’ well-being, safety and comfort so family members can rest assured that their loved ones have arrived without harm.

The return journey from a rehabilitation centre – or the journey between a primary and a secondary treatment centre – can be equally stressful. Recovering clients may risk temptation. While you can be confident that staff at the treatment centre will have done everything possible to prepare recovering clients for this day, we recommend that they are escorted home by a Sober Companion.

In addition to driving clients, our Sober Transporters can accompany them to rehabilitation clinics overseas and by public or private transport, including trains and ferries.

Sober Companions

Our Sober Services extends beyond providing an escort to and from addiction treatment. Clients often require the support of a Sober Companion to help them acclimatise to a life of recovery. Rehabilitation centres are a highly structured environment; some clients struggle to readjust to their home life and to incorporate the tools they have learned in treatment into their daily lives. Sober Companions help to ease this transition.

We offer two levels of Sober Companions:

Three day Sober Companion

  • Finds a local addiction treatment specialist in order to get the client into therapy and sets up the initial appointment.
  • Provides a schedule of local 12-step meetings and accompanies the client to meetings for these first three days.

One week Sober Companion

(available for one week plus)

  • Builds the structure of the treatment plan that was determined with the treatment team of the rehabilitation centre during discharge planning.
  • Administer alcohol and drug testing on the request of a family member or concerned party.
  • Define a healthy nutrition and exercise plan.
  • Accompany the client to outpatient therapy, three times a week or as directed by the addiction counsellor.
  • Accompany the client to daily 12 step meetings.
  • Assist with successful participation in the 12-step program (daily journal, meditations and readings, making contacts at the meetings and beginning the step work).
  • Help the client to find a sponsor.