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54 Harley Street London W1G 9PZ
Mental ill health is the largest single cause of disability in the UK. Our expert clinicians treat the full range of mental disorders, behavioural disorders and developmental disorders. Our patients include private individuals, international patients, business leaders, managers and employees from all organisations and elite athletes from 14 elite sports in the UK. At the initial assessment individuals are provided with a full explanation of their diagnosis and rapid access to the best evidence based treatment options available. Our treatments are all tailored to the individual and planned with full patient involvement. Integrated approaches adapted to the individual patientês needs. In rare cases where intensive treatment is needed we can access private psychiatric facilities across the UK through our working partnerships. Cognacity clinicians are fully recognised by the all major private medical insurers. In addition, we have bespoke arrangements with both corporate and sports clients. Mental health clinics in London and across the UK, Cognacity is one of the UKês leading providers of private mental health services, with headquarters in Central London and the Thames Valley supported by our extensive national network of c.100 experienced clinicians around the UK and a growing group of International clinicians.