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If you are worried about someone who is heavily dependent on harmful substances, finding this person a drug or alcohol rehab in Southwark is crucial. However, we know that encouraging somebody to enter a rehab centre isn’t easy. If a loved one in Southwark needs help through a rehab clinic the idea should be promoted frequently. Not encouraging somebody to enter a rehabilitation centre is putting their lives at risk.

The biggest reason why people often won’t enter rehabilitation clinics is through fear. Fear of the unknown. We are here to help those in need realise that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of and that there is such a lot to gain from entering a programme of alcohol or drug rehab in Southwark

At Addiction Helper, we are well connected to some of the UK’s most reputable charity organisations, private treatment facilities, and even the NHS. But despite being in the safest hands, we know from experience that a person addicted to drugs or alcohol is still likely to view rehab as an intimidating prospect.

Encouraging Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Southwark

Having worked with hundreds of addicts, we know how difficult it can be to encourage the person you are worried about to get help. Family members and friends can aid people find treatment for alcohol by utilising a number of tactics.

  1. The first thing they can do to get somebody to enter a rehab centre is to plant the idea in their heads. A lot of people haven’t thought of the idea before, which is why this is sometimes the only thing needed to get somebody the help they require to beat their addiction.
  2. Perform some research into local Southwark clinics. Rehab clinics in this area have a lot of material on them to help explain what they offer to patients. Presenting any findings is doing the work for them and can give them the information they need to enter a rehabilitation centre.
  3. Persistence is the key. These things may not work for getting somebody into a rehabilitation clinic for treatment for alcohol and drugs immediately. Yet being able to consistently bring the idea up can be enough to help them warm to the idea of seeking treatment.
  4. Let them suffer from their own consequences. Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting the individual fall. If they are heading for disaster allow them to hit rock bottom. The biggest transformations are constantly catalysed by the most cataclysmic disasters.

Why Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Southwark is Essential

The misuse of alcohol and drugs can lead to all sorts of physical and mental health problems. Heart disease, liver disease, anxiety, depression, and dementia are just a few examples of the complications an addict can encounter if he or she does not attempt to overcome their addiction. There are many others to add to that list, including premature death. So as you can see, the longer the addiction continues, the more at risk the person is of developing a potentially life-threatening condition. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you step in and try to get them the help they so desperately need.

If you have raised the subject of rehab in Southwark or wherever else it is you happen to live in the UK several times and have tried all the suggested tactics, it is likely that your concerns and suggestions were met with denial and possibly even aggression. These reactions are completely normal for individuals whose addictions have spiralled so far out of control. Often, they can no longer see what is going on around them or sometimes they simply choose not to. If you feel as though you are getting nowhere, it can be tempting just to give up and let the addiction continue. But however draining it is, we recommend that you don’t throw the towel in. We know that persistence can eventually pay off, so never give up hope.

At Addiction Helper, we are here to support the families and friends of addicts as well as the addicts themselves. Therefore, if your attempts to encourage the person you are worried about to enter a program of rehab in Southwark have so far failed, we may be able to help. Get in touch with us today and a member of our team will be happy to discuss the concerns you are currently dealing with.

Finding the Most Suitable Rehab in Southwark

Addiction Helper is extremely passionate about helping people get their lives back on track after struggling with addiction. We know that one person’s reasons for becoming hooked on alcohol or drugs can differ significantly from the next. No two people’s backgrounds are ever the same, which is why we look at cases individually before determining the best course of treatment. Our ‘tailor-made’ approach to rehab has produced many success stories, therefore it is essential that we know as much as possible about the person seeking help.

Featured Southwark Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

The first step towards receiving help can be taken by simply picking up the phone and calling us today. This may seem a daunting task but we can assure you there is absolutely no need to feel anxious. Our team members are friendly, professional, and perhaps more importantly, have been through similar struggles with drugs and alcohol in the past. At Addiction Helper, we can relate to anyone who is currently battling an addiction, so talking to us, free and confidentially, need not make you feel nervous.

Addiction Helper and all the Southwark treatment programmes we work alongside understand how nerve-wracking it can be for people to enter residential rehab for the first time. Never fear, though, because people will always be welcomed into the centre with open arms. All you need to do is make that call today and your life could be happier, healthier, and completely substance-free very soon. We are here for you.

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