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Going through a drug alcohol detox is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. With an incredible amount of willpower, it’s possible to do it alone, but alcohol and drug addiction centres in Croydon are the best options for ensuring long term success. The problem with the traditional 12 step programs many patients opt for inside alcohol and drug treatment centres is they are too general. They don’t get to the heart of each patient’s individual issue. Only through proper drug and alcohol counselling can this truly be done. By getting in touch with us today, we can give you free and fast access to the drug and alcohol rehab in Croydon you need.

Why Every Addiction Is Different?

Every addiction is different. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about addictions is they are the same. In reality, while the symptoms are exactly the same in many cases the truth is the reasons for the addiction are entirely different. It’s rare to see two people who are exactly the same within alcohol and drug addiction centres. Therefore, every type of drug rehab treatment in Croydon will focus on each patient and their circumstances completely individually.

Here are just some of the things which can trigger an addiction:

  • Peer pressure. Being around friends who take drugs can encourage people to do it themselves.
  • Family neglect and abuse. To eliminate the terrible thoughts of their family the individual turns to drugs.

How Does Rehab in Croydon Help Your Health?

Those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol have usually ended up in their current situation as a result of attempts to numb or eliminate negative thoughts and feelings. However, many do not realise that these already-concerning mental health issues are only being added to when drugs and alcohol are used. The effects of these substances on the brain can lead to anxiety, depression, and dementia.

But other vital organs within the body can be severely damaged by misuse of drugs and alcohol too. Substance abuse can increase the risk of heart disease, liver disease, obesity and even cancer. Premature death has also been linked to the effects of abusing drugs and alcohol. Though perhaps most worrying of all is the fact that there can often be few or no symptoms leading up to such complications. But by contacting us today, some of this damage can be reversed or lessened. It is never too late.

Who Else Could Benefit from Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Croydon?

Often, when someone is suffering from a severe drug- or alcohol-related illness, he or she can be unaware of the effect it is having on those around them. Heavy substance abuse can cause others to worry, leading to all sorts of problems including marriage breakdowns, job losses, deterioration of friendships and even homelessness. As an addict, you may feel like you are being ‘hassled’ when someone shows their concern, which can leave you feeling angry and frustrated. You may feel they will not understand your reasons for using alcohol or drugs or it might be that you simply struggle to open up to people who know you well.

Nevertheless, when you contact Addiction Helper and start the process of actively seeking rehab in Croydon, we will give you the opportunity to get all your issues off your chest, confidentially and without being judged.

As part of our service, we can also ensure that your family and loved ones are supported throughout your course of treatment and aftercare. If they require more intensive support, we can offer this too, free of charge.

No two people suffering with an addiction to substance abuse will have the same background or reasons for getting hooked. That is why alcohol and drug treatment centres for rehab in Croydon will seek to make sure each program is customised to suit the patient’s needs. Not only does it increase the chances of ensuring effective drug and alcohol counselling, it boosts their confidence as they are sure they are getting the treatment they need.

What’s the Line of Treatment in Rehab in Croydon?

Individual drug and alcohol counselling, group counselling, creative courses, and detoxification are the four main factors involved in curing an addiction. Although programs are customised, the line of treatment followed will remain relatively the same at all times. It’s for this reason these clinics are so successful in sending patients into a better future.

For some individuals, we may recommend treatment as part of a residential programme. This gives the patient the best opportunity of a full and successful recovery. It can seem a daunting prospect for many as it means being away from family, friends, and everyday familiarities for a few weeks. But with counselling sessions, around-the-clock care and none of the outside world’s pressures or distractions, residential treatment can work wonders for those whose drug or alcohol abuse has completely taken over their life.

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Getting in Touch Regarding Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Croydon

At Addiction Helper, we are incredibly passionate about helping those addicted to drugs and alcohol achieve a full recovery. Choosing to get in touch with us means taking the first step to living a substance-free life. As a referral service whose team have all been there and experienced the abuse of drugs and alcohol for ourselves, you can rest assured you are not alone.

Taking that initial step may mean you are venturing out of your comfort zone, but we can assure you that you have a lot to gain by picking up the phone. A simple call and free, confidential chat to a member of our friendly, professional team will open the door to finding you the best rehab in Croydon to suit your circumstances.

Living a drug- or alcohol-free life is achievable, no matter how severe your illness has become. If you have noticed that your life is spiralling out of control, then talk to us today.

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