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Abuse of substances such as alcohol and drugs is not uncommon in the UK. No matter where you live, be it London, Glasgow or even Stafford, problems with abuse and addiction exist. Although most people can drink alcohol in moderation or take drugs recreationally, these substances can cause addiction in some – and these addictions can be devastating. They can destroy the lives of so many people, including the family and friends of the person with the illness. For most, the only way to reverse the damage caused by addiction is with a programme of drug or alcohol rehab in Stafford or wherever else it is they live in Britain.

That is where Addiction Helper comes in. We are a free referral service working in all areas of the UK to ensure that those in need of help for addiction can access it with minimum hassle. We have already helped countless people to access both alcohol and drug rehab in Stafford and we can help you too. All you need to do is get in touch with us today and we can get the ball rolling on your journey towards sobriety.

We have an extensive network of contacts in the public and private sectors, so no matter what your circumstances, we can find a rehab in Stafford for you. All we need from you is a few moments of your time to answer a series of questions with a fully qualified advisor. It will not cost you anything to use this service and you are under no obligation to move on to treatment by speaking with us.

How to Find Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Stafford?

Our advisors are fully trained in addiction and know what to look out for when assessing clients’ needs for treatment. If you do want help for addiction and are interested in drug or alcohol rehab in Stafford, please give us a call. This is what will happen if you do:

  1. One of our friendly advisors will take your call and will listen to everything you have to say.
  2. Our advisor will ask you if you would like a completely free and no obligation assessment of your situation to give you a clearer picture of what your treatment needs might be.
  3. If you choose to have this assessment, our advisor will ask questions about your current and past substance use. This will include questions about the type of substance you are using and how often.
  4. If our advisor determines that you have a need for treatment, he or she can then move on to other questions that will allow him or her to gauge the type of alcohol or drug rehab in Stafford that might best suit you. This will depend on your preferences, work and family commitments, and your budget.
  5. You will be matched to a suitable provider and all options will be fully discussed to allow you to make an informed choice about your treatment.
  6. We can help you when making your choice, but the final decision will always be yours. We will never try to influence your decision to benefit us.

What Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Stafford Offers?

Most of those with a physical dependence on alcohol or drugs will require a programme of detoxification before even considering rehab in Stafford or elsewhere. The reason for this is that rehabilitation can be a demanding process that could be quite upsetting and stressful for those who are still in the throes of a dependence on alcohol or drugs.

Once detox has been completed, the affected person will have the choice of either inpatient or outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment programmes mean the patient will be removed from his or her everyday life and placed in an environment where there are no distractions or influences from the outside world. Here, he or she will take part in various treatments every day and will be encouraged to interact with other recovering addicts to help with the recovery process.

Outpatient programmes differ in that they do not accommodate patients overnight. Instead, patients attend the clinic on a regular basis for treatments with counsellors or therapists. They will have their treatment and then return home afterwards. This means that they will have to contend with the pressures of everyday life while trying to recover at the same time.

The choice of treatment programme usually depends on the treatment needs of the individual as well as his or her situation. Addiction Helper can assist when it comes to finding the right programme to suit your needs. All you need to do is contact us and we can begin working for you immediately.

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What Happens after Rehab?

The process of rehabilitation can take anywhere from six weeks to a year or more, depending on the provider and the type of programme. The more intensive the programme, the shorter it will be. Nevertheless, no matter what type of programme you choose, you can rest assured that you will not be left to fend for yourself when it finishes.

You should know that relapse is more common in the first twelve months after a programme of rehabilitation, so during this time when recovering addicts are most vulnerable, they will require plenty of support.

It is for that reason that most rehab providers include a period of aftercare with their programmes. This may mean regular counselling sessions with a therapist or counsellor or phone contact as and when required.

In addition to aftercare provided by your rehab clinic, you can also access aftercare support from local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcanon, or Narcotics Anonymous. These support groups are often an essential part of the recovery process as they help recovering addicts to stay sober for the long-term. With regular meetings where members come together to share their experiences and stories, these fellowship support groups are vital when it comes to maintaining sobriety.

For more information on any part of the recovery process or for help accessing rehab in Stafford, please contact us here at Addiction Helper.

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