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Addiction Helper Rehab LIVESEARCH shows every Alcohol and Drug Rehab centre in South Lanarkshire and provides a complete overview of each facility including reviews from previous treatment centre residents.

The history of South Lanarkshire runs deep. From the battles of Bothwell Bridge and Drumclog to historic castles such as Cadzow, Bothwell, and Strathaven, there are few places you can go within the region where you will not encounter something of historical importance. If you look beyond the surface in South Lanarkshire, you may discover something you did not expect: substance abuse and addiction.

The harsh reality of life is that not even South Lanarkshire has been spared the problems associated with alcohol and drug use. Moreover, where there are users, there is a legitimate need for professional treatment capable of helping them get well. We want you to know that professional treatment does exist. We know; we help addicts and their families all across the UK every day.

Our primary mission is to connect addicts and their families with drug and alcohol treatment programmes offered by:

  • private rehab clinics
  • independent counsellors
  • drug and alcohol charities
  • local support groups
  • the NHS and other providers.

By providing that connection, we are helping families get the treatment they need to overcome substance abuse and addiction issues. We are here to help you as well. All of our services are offered free of charge and with the utmost confidentiality.

A Variety of Treatments Available in South Lanarkshire

It used to be that the addiction recovery community funnelled every client into the same treatment programme regardless of circumstances. That method of treatment did not work very well. As a result, we do things differently today. The recovery community now utilises a variety of different treatments that are adaptable and customisable to individual client needs. Therapists now devise bespoke treatment plans where they used to use the same treatment plan for everyone in the past.

Bespoke treatment plans apply to all sorts of substance abuse and addiction problems, including:

  • long-term alcohol dependence
  • long and short-term drug abuse
  • abuse of prescription medications
  • use and abuse of illegal substances
  • long and short-term behavioural addictions
  • dual diagnosis conditions.

The key to successfully treating substance abuse and addiction lies in getting to it as quickly as possible. Early detection and treatment increase the chances of permanent success while ignoring a substance abuse or addiction problem only makes successful treatment much harder. If you suspect you or a loved one has a serious problem with drugs or alcohol, do not ignore it. Let us help you get on the road to recovery today.

Don’t Let Fear Dominate

Our fully trained and experienced counsellors speak with clients every day about issues that are very common to drug and alcohol abuse. One of those issues is fear. We know it can be very difficult to make the decision to get help if your thoughts and emotions are dominated by fear. What are people afraid of? Here are just a few examples:

  • Treatment – Fear of treatment is very common among substance abusers. Many have heard stories about treatments that are simply not true; others fear treatment because it is something completely unknown.
  • Life without Drugs – Some of the clients we speak to are reluctant to go into treatment because they fear a life without drugs or alcohol. They have relied on chemicals for so long that they have convinced themselves it is not possible to exist without them.
  • Family Members – Still others are afraid to enter treatment because they are worried family members will think less of them. This fear is especially acute among parents with young children. They would rather continue doing what they do rather than letting kids find out they have a problem.

The important thing to remember about fear is that it is an emotion that can be overcome by truth and experience. Anyone willing to face his or her fears and enter rehab treatment will soon discover the truth behind addiction, a truth that has been withheld from them by the haze of drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, their own personal experience will show them that life can be lived and enjoyed outside of the influence of addictive behaviour.

Featured South Lanarkshire Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

What to Expect from Treatment

Different treatment providers utilise various forms of treatment depending on their recovery philosophy and operational model. Attempting to explain recovery in a way that adequately addresses all these differences is not possible. Therefore, to give you a good idea of what you can expect in treatment, we will explain what occurs at a typical private rehab clinic.

  • Step #1 First step in a residential treatment programme is a medical assessment by trained personnel. This assessment looks at your current health, the severity of your problem, and what will be required to treat you in a way that is medically safe.
  • Step #2 The next step is to put together a bespoke treatment plan based on the information gleaned from the medical evaluation. The plan will be explained to you by the treatment team.
  • Step #3 Implementation of the treatment plan begins with medically supervised detox. Throughout the detox process, medical professionals will monitor you. Where appropriate, prescription medications may be used to help ease the discomfort of detox.
  • Step #4 Completion of detox enables the client to enter the rehabilitative phase of recovery. This phase can take anywhere from three to 12 weeks depending on the programme one chooses. It involves a range of therapies that may include counselling and group support.
  • Step #5 The final step in recovery is reintegration and aftercare. Reintegration is a short process that helps you return to life outside of the rehab clinic. Aftercare is more long-term in nature, providing the client with a range of services that will help prevent relapse in the future.

We work with private rehab clinics throughout South Lanarkshire and neighbouring regions to offer our clients as many treatment options as possible. We also have ongoing relationships with private rehab clinics outside of the area, as well as a long list of charities, counsellors and other service providers. We can connect you to the clinic of your choice when you contact us for help.

The Decision Is Yours

Please understand that only you can make the choice to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. No one can make the choice for you. Please also note that you are your biggest advocate in recovery. If you willingly enter rehab and give it 100% effort from start to finish, you will be in a much better position to permanently succeed. We hope you will make the choice to do so soon.

As a counselling and referral organisation, we provide clients and their families with comprehensive evaluations, sound advice, and referrals to trusted treatment providers throughout the UK. Our services cost you nothing, so there is no reason for you not to take advantage of them.

Whether you contact us via our 24-hour helpline or through this website, rest assured that your communications with us are confidential. No one need know that you have spoken to us unless you want them to. Above all, we value our relationships with each and every client we work with.