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Treatment for substance misuse and addiction is as necessary in Oswestry as it is in any other part of the UK. However, despite there being an obvious need for drug and alcohol rehab in Oswestry, there are still many people who have not yet accessed these services. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main obstacles to treatment is a genuine inability to see how serious the situation really is.

Many people in the town do not delay getting treatment for their illnesses out of stubbornness or stupidity; it is just that they are unaware help is needed. It can be difficult to tell when use of a mood-altering substance has reached problem levels, particularly when the substance being abused is legal. In the case of alcohol and prescription drugs, for instance, those who have developed a physical dependence often find it a struggle to come to terms with this fact. They are reluctant to the idea of alcohol or drug rehab in Oswestry because they simply do not believe that they need it.

Of course, there are other reasons why some individuals fail to access rehab in Oswestry. In some cases, it is a fear of what others will think or say about them while in others it is a fear of what the rehab process might be like and they worry that they will be unable to cope. We want you to know that there is no need for you to continue living with the weight of addiction hanging over your head. Here at Addiction Helper, we work hard to make addiction services much easier to access. All you need to do to find a programme to suit is give us a call.

Do You Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Oswestry?

If you have been struggling to accept that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, please call us today. We understand your reluctance to accept a diagnosis of addict and we want you to know that you are not alone when it comes to these feelings. In fact, most recovering addicts will admit that coming to terms with their problem was the hardest part of the journey to sobriety.

However, until you can accept that you have a need for alcohol or drug rehab in Oswestry, you will not be able to move on. To do this, you will have to take a close look at your substance use habits in recent months. As you might already be aware, addiction cannot be diagnosed with a blood test or a physical examination. It requires an honest appraisal of your life, which is something we can help with.

By calling Addiction Helper today, you can find out once and for all if what everyone else is saying is true. If your loved ones have been badgering you to get help and you have delayed because you do not agree with them, we can either put your mind at rest or confirm your fears. You have nothing to lose by calling us; the very worst that will happen is that we will tell you that you do need help. But knowing for sure means you can do something to rectify your current situation.

If you do require professional help, we can advise you on the options for treatment in your area.

Helping You Access Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Oswestry

If we do confirm a need for drug or alcohol rehab in Oswestry, we can assess your level of substance misuse to give you an idea of what your needs are in terms of treatment programmes. At this stage, you can choose to find a rehab provider yourself or you can use our service, which will save you time and hassle.

Trying to find a suitable rehab provider when your mind is foggy due to substance use can be a complete waste of time. If you do not know the severity of your addiction or what you should be looking for in a provider, you will likely struggle to find one to suit.

By utilising our free and confidential service, you can quickly and easily access a programme of detox and rehabilitation that will meet all your requirements. Before we match you to a provider, we will make sure we have a full picture of your situation and will work hard to ensure that you are completely comfortable with any provider we recommend.

We will look at several factors including your preference in terms of treatment, if there are any underlying health issues, if you have commitments at home or at work, and what your budget is. With this information, we have a greater chance of matching you to the right provider the first time around.

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What Happens During Rehab?

As soon as you are ready to begin your journey to sobriety, we can help. We will find the right provider of rehab in Oswestry for you, but it might help you to make your decision regarding your care if you knew a bit more about what to expect.

Most people begin their recovery journey with a programme of detoxification to break the cycle of substance abuse. A detox will break the bond between you and the substance you have been abusing. It begins a few hours after you have stopped drinking or taking drugs.

As your body attempts to get back to normal, you might experience a range of withdrawal symptoms that will be mild to severe in their intensity. To ensure your comfort and safety, we recommend that you complete your detox in a special facility under medical supervision.

After your detox, you will have the choice of an inpatient or outpatient programme. These programmes differ in how intense they are and the length of time it takes to complete the programme. Inpatient programmes usually run for anywhere between six and twelve weeks, whereas outpatient programmes can continue for many months, with some lasting for more than a year.

Your choice of rehab programme will depend on the severity of your illness, your own individual preferences, and your personal situation. Please contact Addiction Helper today if you would like information and advice on the options for treatment available in Oswestry.

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