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The attitude that a person takes with them into alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres will have a significant impact on what they experience while there. It is vital that people in Motherwell who are considering this form of addiction treatment are aware of the importance of attitude so that they can be sure of getting the most out of the program. The best possible attitude for the person to take is to be open minded and determined. This will mean that the individual will be willing to try all the suggestions and get the most out of the program. The worst possible attitude that the individual can take when entering rehab is referred to as stinking thinking.

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How Stinking Thinking Gets in the Way of Rehab

Those individuals from Motherwell who are caught in stinking thinking can struggle in rehab because it will cause them to resist the program. The symptoms of this type of attitude would include things like:

  • The individual thinks that they have all the answers already so they refuse to take on board new information.
  • The person feels highly cynical about rehab, and does not believe that the people there are really trying to help them.
  • The individual will be highly pessimistic about their future. They believe that no matter what they do things are going to turn out bad for them.
  • People caught in stinking thinking tend to be negative about everything. No matter how well things are going for them they will find something to complain about. The individual secretly worries that by feeling good about things it would curse them going forward.
  • This person will usually have very low self esteem.
  • They will be highly critical and like to gossip. It may be like the person is unable to see the good in anyone.

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