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There will be people in Lanark who are more prone to developing addiction problems than others. The reasons for why this is so are complex, but it is a reality that some people will be just be at more of a risk. One of the theories that can help explain what happens in addiction focuses on the addictive personality. This is a set of character traits that many substance abusers will tend to share. This can go some way to describing why some people in Lanark are more likely to need addiction help than others.

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Characteristics of the Substance Abusers  

It is important to be able to identify the characteristics associated with addictive personality because the individual will want to be working to overcome these in alcohol and drug rehab, and in the early years of recovery. The individual will not be expected to become some type of saint, but they will need to overcome those parts of the addictive personality that are most likely to get them into trouble such as:

  • The tendency to take action first and think about consequences later. This type of impulsiveness can get people in real trouble in recovery.
  • The tendency toward risk taken.
  • The inability to delay gratification. In order for people to get the most out of life they need to learn how to do the hard work first of all and then enjoy the rewards of this.
  • The feelings of alienation from other people. In order for the person to make the most out of their recovery they are going to need to develop strong relationships.
  • Many substance abusers will also have a high tolerance for deviant behaviour. In recovery the individual will need to try and live a more moral life where they think twice before behaving unethically.

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