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There are some common traps that people from Dover who are trying to break away from are likely to fall into. These obstacles to recovery can cause the individual to relapse or to live a less than satisfactory life away from substance abuse. One of the best ways to learn how to avoid these traps is by entering a programme of drug or alcohol rehab in Dover. Here the individual will get the help they need to break away from addiction, and they will also develop the skills they need to overcome the common traps that they are most likely to fall into in early recovery.

Without alcohol or drug rehab in Dover, there are potentially many traps that people could fall into when they try to break away from addiction. These traps would include things like:

  • Leaving rehab with the belief that all their problems are behind them, and that they will not need to do any further work in order to remain sober. This type of thinking is dangerous, as it means that the individual will not be prepared for the challenges that are sure to lie ahead.
  • Trying to live their old life even though they are no longer drinking. This could involve spending time in bars or with drug using friends. When the person is surrounded by temptation it is usually only a matter of time before they relapse back to addiction.
  • Failing to find interesting things to do with their life. Instead they treat sobriety as being similar to serving a prison sentence. They are just killing time and they have no interest in enjoying being sober – usually because secretly they have no intention of being sober long term.

Why Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Dover?

It is common for many to assume that addiction does not have any effect on anyone other than the drinker or drug user, but this is entirely false. Addiction is a far-reaching illness and one that has devastating effects for many individuals.

As well as the impact on the life of the affected person, addiction can also cause negative consequences for his or her loved ones. Family members and friends will suffer when someone close to them is struggling with addiction. Their relationship with that person will change and it will cause a lot of undue stress for everyone involved.

Addiction is not known as a family illness for nothing. The reality is that it can have devastating consequences for parents, siblings, spouses, and children. Some of these effects will be profound and lasting and may even change the life of many of those involved. For example, the parent who discovers that a child is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction may become what is known as co-dependent. He or she will begin to live their life around the needs of the addicted child. He or she may begin enabling the child or covering up for bad behaviour. The parent develops a dependency on the addict that starts to consume them.

A parent’s addiction also deeply affects children. Small children may become frightened or confused by the ever-changing behaviour of their mother or father. Older children will have a greater understanding as to what is happening and will adapt accordingly. He or she may learn traits such as selfishness or manipulation from the addicted parent, or might become isolated and withdrawn in a bid to prevent others from discovering their secret.

With alcohol and drug rehab in Dover, many of the effects of addiction can be reversed. The individual can begin to get his or her life back on track and family members can also avail of therapy to help them too overcome the illness.

What Is Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Dover Like?

There is a lot of choice in terms of drug and alcohol in Dover. Addiction services are either paid for or free, and the choice of programme will depend on the needs of the individual. Addiction Helper can assist when it comes to finding the right programme for each client. We do this on a case by case basis to ensure that the needs of the individual are always met. Below is a brief guideline of the various options available:

  • Local Support Groups – Local support groups are often used as an aftercare service or in conjunction with other programmes. They include fellowship groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcanon, and Narcotics Anonymous. Many people have managed to get sober and stay sober with the help of such programmes, but most will use them to help with maintaining sobriety after an inpatient or outpatient programme.
  • Local Counsellors – Local counsellors tend to offer outpatient programmes and will be funded by the NHS or a private service that will be paid for by the individual. This type of programme is based on the day care model and patients can expect to attend counselling on a regular basis.
  • NHS-Run Programmes – NHS-run programmes are usually the first port of call for most until they realise there is a long waiting time. Such services are heavily subscribed and tend to be unable to meet demand.
  • Charities – Charity organisations try to fill the gap that NHS services are unable to fill. However, as you might imagine, they also tend to be oversubscribed and many patients will also be forced to wait for treatment.
  • Private Clinics – Private clinics are paid-for services where patients can access treatment in as little as 1-2 days. These may be privately funded by the patient or with help of government assistance.

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Accessing Rehab in Dover

If you are in need of rehab in Dover, we can help. We work with all the above organisations and our experience and knowledge of this field means we can assist in finding the right treatment programme for every client.

For more information on our free and confidential service, please call our dedicated helpline today. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form on this website and we will get in touch with you.

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