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From time to time, a client will contact Addiction Helper enquiring as to whether a visit to drug or alcohol rehab in Whitefield is possible. We have to assess what they really want to know because there are two conditions under which a visit is possible. We will discuss both in this article.

So that you understand, visiting a rehab centre does not necessarily mean committing to receiving treatment. You might be visiting because a friend or family member is already a patient. You might also visit for your own benefit, as you search for the best alcohol or drug rehab in Whitefield for your needs.

When a Family Member Is in Rehab in Whitefield

The first reason a client may enquire about visiting rehab is a desire to visit a family member currently being treated. The good news is that most residential rehab clinics not only allow visits but they also encourage them. Visits from family members can be very helpful to a recovering alcoholic or drug addict who might otherwise feel as though he or she has been abandoned.

Here’s what you need to know about family visits:

  • Visiting Times – Residential rehab clinics are generally not open for visits 24/7. Like hospitals, they must maintain certain schedules in order to ensure patients receive the treatment they need. Therefore, it is up to visiting family members to find out in advance when normal visiting hours are. Some clinics open visiting every day of the week while others limit it only to certain days.
  • Supervision of Visits – Clinics may have different policies over whether family visits are supervised. In cases where they are, that does not necessarily mean a staff member stands over the patient’s shoulder all the time. But it may mean visits are required to take place in a public area where staff members are close by.
  • Quiet Areas – Quiet areas are common for clinics that encourage family visits. Patients and their visitors can take advantage of the quiet areas to sit, relax, and just talk. Visiting family members should inquire about clinic policies governing quiet areas in case there are any limits on young children who might make noise.

One last thing to know: family members are sometimes encouraged to visit rehab clinics in order to attend counselling sessions with their loved ones. By providing family counselling, therapists are better able to help address addiction from a family perspective.

Patient Visits to Drug Rehab in Whitefield

The other scenario for visiting drug rehab in Whitefield is that of going as a patient. In other words, you may be ready to seriously consider residential rehab for your own drug or alcohol problem, but you are concerned about making a choice without actually seeing a rehab facility for yourself. That is not an issue.

Though not guaranteed, nearly every residential rehab facility in Whitefield welcomes pre-admission visits by prospective clients. Clients can sit down with therapists and support staff to discuss what treatment is like, how accommodations are set up, and so on. Patients can even bring their family members for additional support.

One thing we remind our clients is that visits are not required prior to admission. A client is more than welcome to apply for admission sight unseen if he or she wants to. We would still recommend a pre-admission visit for any patient who is unsure that residential rehab is the right way to go.

What to Expect in Your Visit

Let’s say you want to visit a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Whitefield before applying for admission. What should you expect to see? That depends on the facility you choose. From the start, though, you will immediately be shown around the grounds by a staff member tasked with the job of answering questions and explaining anything you do not understand.

If the facility you choose has open space available, you may be shown a room that is typical of the accommodations there. You might also be shown the kitchen, introduced to a number of therapists, and allowed to ask questions of other support staff members.

What you should not have to worry about is any pressure to immediately apply for admission during your visit. The admissions office will certainly accommodate you if you are ready to apply, but you’re also free to leave and think things over before you make a decision.

We should tell you that, statistically speaking, your chances of success are going to be better if you immediately act on any decision to get treatment. In other words, begin the admissions process as soon as you have decided to seek treatment. If you delay, it’s entirely possible you could change your mind before applying.

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Your Options for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Whitefield

Yes, it is entirely possible for you to visit drug and alcohol rehab in Whitefield prior to deciding on admission. It’s also possible to visit if a family member or friend already undergoing treatment. But in light of both options, it might first be important to know what your options are for rehab.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, your choice of rehab facilities will play a key role in recovery. We want to assist you in making the right choice by offering you a comprehensive assessment of your current circumstances. That assessment will help us come up with recommendations for treatment. If you would like, we can go through a complete list of rehab clinics available for you to choose from.

Options for rehab in Whitefield include residential rehab in a private facility, outpatient rehab through the NHS or a local charity, or speciality services that include things such as private counselling and support group participation. There’s no way for us to know what would be ideal for you without first conducting a comprehensive assessment. So, if you’re ready to begin the road to recovery, and you are willing to let us help you, please call our 24-hour helpline today.

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