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There are some common traps in early recovery that people in Cirencester might fall into if they are not careful. One of the best ways to avoid these traps is to attend alcohol and drug addiction centres because here the individual will be able to learn and develop strategies for dealing with these traps. This makes things much easier because the individual will be able to benefit from professional help and the experience of the other clients in the facility.

The Common Traps that People in Early Recovery Fall Into

The most common traps that people in Cirencester can fall into in early recovery would include:

  • As the individual begins to recovery from the pain of their addiction they can start to forget how bad things were, and they can begin to romance the drink or drug. This can be a terrible mistake because when people forget their mistakes they are more likely to repeat them. It is important that the individual keeps in mind why they have stopped drinking or using drugs.

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  • Another common trap that people may fall into is becoming overconfident and complacent. Things are going so well for the individual in recovery that they begin to take things for granted.  Before they know their old bad habits can resurface, and they are then on a path to disaster.
  • Some individuals will give up alcohol or drugs but turn to other maladaptive behaviours such as workaholism or exercise addiction. These obsessions can become the source of misery for the individual and may eventually cause them to relapse.
  • The individual can give up alcohol or drugs but fail to make any other significant changes. In many instances this will lead them to develop dry drunk syndrome – they are physically sober but otherwise it is business as usual.

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