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While it is certainly true that nobody chooses to end up addicted to alcohol or drugs it is also a reality that it will be the choice of the individual for when to end this problem. The person who is caught in this type of problem will often feel powerless and isolated, but they do have the inner reserves that will help them break away from addiction. It is not always easy but breaking away from substance abuse is an option for almost all addicts looking for help in the Cumbernauld are. In fact so long as they are fully committed to treatment for alcohol and drug abuse their success is almost assured.

Reasons for Why People Fail to Recovery from Addiction

The statistics for the number of people who relapse after a period of sobriety make depressing reading, but here is no real need for people in Cumbernauld who are looking to end their addiction to become overly concerned about this. In most cases there will be obvious reasons for why the person relapsed after receiving addiction help, and it should be possible to avoid these mistakes.

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The most common reasons for why people relapse would include:

  • They were not really serious about ending the addiction. They have entered rehab or asked for help to please other people or to just have a break from their addiction. Unless the person is fully committed to long term recovery the chances of them staying sober are slim.
  • Many people relapse because they did not have enough support and did not make use of available recovery resources. It is understandable that people want to go it alone, but in many cases this might not be a feasible solution.
  • The only change that the person made was giving up alcohol or drugs. This is rarely enough to ensure lasting sobriety.

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