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The Need to End Substance Abuse Now

If the individual still feels like they are getting some enjoyment out of alcohol or drug use then they may feel that they do not really need to end the behaviour. This person may even make a promise to themselves that they will end their addiction as soon as things become bad enough. The reason for why this person really needs to end their addiction right away would include:

  • There is no guarantee that the individual will be able to stop later on. The deeper the individual falls into this behaviour the harder it will be for them to recover. The individual may also be doing so much damage to their body and mind that they cross a line to where a full recovery is no longer possible – e.g. liver cirrhosis or alcoholic dementia.
  • The individual cannot depend on having the motivation to stop at a later date. If they feeling unwilling to stop now why would it be different later? It is common for people caught in addiction to hold onto the idea that the good times are just about to return, and they can believe in this right up to the day when their addiction kills them.
  • The longer that the person stays addicted the more they are going to lose. It makes no sense to fall lower in addiction.
  • The longer that the individual remains trapped in addiction the more pain they are going to cause for other people. This is not fair, and the behaviour needs to stop as soon as possible for their sake.
  • The longer the person delays recovery the harder it can be for them to stop. This is because the substance abuse will lower their self efficacy – their belief in their ability to quit.

The Need to Hit Rock Bottom

The individual can use the phenomenon of the rock bottom as an excuse to delay getting help for their addiction. This is because the person believes that they will need to hit a certain low in addiction before they will be able to stop – a sweet spot. This is a misunderstanding of what is meant by rock bottom. It only refers to the point at which the person decides they’ve had enough. Some people will have a relatively high rock bottom where they are able to stop even though they have lost very little as a result of their addiction. The fact that a person has a lower rock bottom does not mean that their recovery is going to be easier or better – it can often mean the opposite. There is no need for the person to wait for any magical rock bottom as they have already lost enough.

First Steps to Ending Addiction

Alcohol counselling in Denbighshire can be an important first step when it comes to ending an addiction. This can even be a good option for those who are not yet willing to consider long term sobriety. This type of professional will be able to start from where the individual currently is in their addiction. They can work with the person to begin controlling their intake and they will be able to encourage the individual to consider things like drug and alcohol rehab – where this is appropriate.

Different Approaches to Addiction in Recovery

One of the benefits of choosing alcohol counselling in Denbighshire is that this professional will know that there is not one approach that is going to suit everyone. This means that they will be willing to assess the individual for their needs and make appropriate suggestions on the basis of this. The counsellor is not there to coerce the individual or tell them what to do. The idea is that this professional and their client work together so that they can find the best possible solution.

Drug Counselling and Motivational Interviewing

Some individuals will be very resistant to the idea of giving up their addiction for good. This may be for a number of reasons including:

  • They continue to feel that alcohol or drug use is benefiting their life in some way.
  • They doubt their own ability to end the addiction.
  • They have developed the misconception that life in recovery will be duller than their current life.
  • They have low self esteem and may feel that the misery of addiction is the best they can hope for in life.

Featured Denbighshire Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

An effective alcohol counsellor will be able to motivate the individual to overcome all these reasons for not quitting. They do this by first helping the person to understand the reality of their situation. Addiction can trap the person in denial, and it can be difficult to get beyond this without help. Once the person is willing to accept the reality of where they are they can then be motivated to change this. An important element of this will be convincing the person that they deserve better and they have the ability to get better.

Once the individual has reached a stage where they feel ready for long term sobriety it will usually be a good idea for them to enter alcohol and drug treatment centres. Here they will be able to get the help they need for building a new life away from substance abuse. This time in rehab is often compared to building as strong foundation for a building – if the foundations are weak then the building can later come toppling down. The individual who goes through an inpatient facility will have the opportunity to learn and test the coping strategies that they can later use to help them deal with life. This means that when the person returns home to Denbighshire they will be able to hit the ground running – they will already have a good beginning and this makes a huge difference.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings near Denbighshire

Alcoholics Anonymous Holyhead Thursday Meeting – Thursday 19:30 – St Mary’s Church Hall, Longford Rd, Holyhead

Alcoholics Anonymous Bangor Step Meeting – Monday 20:00 – Abbey Road Centre, Abbey Rd. Bangor

Alcoholics Anonymous Bangor Wednesday Meeting – Wednesday 19:30 – Abbey Road Centre, Abbey Rd. Bangor

Narcotics Anonymous New Beginnings Meeting – Thursday 12:00 – Abbey Road Centre, Abbey Rd. Bangor

As well as these face to face meetings there is also a thriving online community involving recovery groups. This means that even those individuals who live in isolated parts of Denbighshire will be able to attend recovery meetings any day of the week.

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