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When people in St Clears are struggling with addiction they will be able to find resources that can help them overcome this problem. So long as the individual is truly ready to break away from this self-destructive behaviour there is great reason to believe that they will be successful. In fact, if the individual is 100 % committed to drug or alcohol addiction treatment then their chances of success is 100 % guaranteed. The reason for why people fail to recover with the help of addiction treatment is that they were not fully committed in the first place.

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Commitment is Key to Recovery

It may sound harsh to say that the reason people fail in treatment options like drug counselling or alcoholic rehabilitation is lack of motivation, but this is most often the case. The only real exception to this would be those individuals who are dealing with an untreated dual diagnosis. The problem for most people is that they have an ambivalent attitude towards recover. They are in two minds about it. On one hand the individual does want to escape their current misery, but they also hold onto the secret hope that they may one day be able to drink or use drugs again. So long as the individual harbours this hope their recovery is always going to be on shaky ground. To have the best chance of recovery the individual needs to be 100 % committed, and this means no reservations.

Those people in St Clears who are checking out their rehab options really should look carefully at their own attitude to recovery. They need to let go of any hope of drinking or using drugs like a “normal person”. Once they can do that there really will be great hope for their future.

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