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Drugs play an important role in modern medical care when used properly. However, when used improperly, these can lead to substance abuse and eventual addiction. The same is true with alcohol, illicit drugs, and legal highs sold in head shops. You might already be aware of this reality because you are dealing with substance abuse issues of your own.

Addiction Helper was established to provide counselling and referrals to those looking for rehab in Soham and other parts of England. We provide our assistance through our 24-hour helpline staffed by caring and compassionate counsellors ready to assist you. Whether you need help for yourself or a loved one, it is just a phone call away.

The main thing we want you to know is that substance abuse problems do not go away on their own. Moreover, if left untreated, abuse usually becomes addiction. Do you need help for substance abuse? You probably do if you recognise any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • you constantly worry about having drugs or alcohol available
  • alcohol or drug use controls nearly every aspect of your day
  • you’re willing to go to great lengths to get drugs or alcohol
  • your friends and family regularly show concern for your health
  • you constantly have to increase your usage in order to feel good.

Rehab in Soham is available through private clinics, charities and the NHS. It is available by way of outpatient and inpatient programmes that typically include detox and rehabilitative therapy. Nevertheless, not every programme is right for every individual. That is why we would like the opportunity to help you make a wise choice.

Residential Treatment

Addiction Helper prefers residential treatment as the best option in most cases. To that end, we work with private clinics offering treatment for those in the Soham area. Each of the clinics provides medically supervised detox via qualified doctors and nurses. Detox may include prescription medication where it can be helpful to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Residential treatment also includes 4 to 12 weeks of rehabilitative therapy that includes group and individual counselling. This is the time when recovering addicts learn to come to terms with addiction and how to avoid it in the future. It is very helpful for permanently overcoming substance abuse problems.

Featured Soham Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Your Addiction, Your Treatment

We are committed to helping each individual who calls us regardless of circumstances. We believe in the idea off bespoke treatment plans rather than applying a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to everyone. When we assist you in arranging the right treatment, you can be sure everything has been carefully considered in order to develop a treatment plan most likely to help you succeed.

Addiction Helper is an organisation providing rehab advice and counselling throughout England and the UK. If you need rehab in Soham, or anywhere else for that matter, all you need do is contact us. We have the necessary resources to point you in the right direction and, if needed, help arrange admission to a clinic.

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