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Drug and alcohol problems continue to cause misery across the UK, and there is no real evidence that the situation is improving. It is true that more people than ever are managing to break away from addiction, but this improvement is offset by the fact that an increasing number of people are falling into this maladaptive behaviour. Cambridge is not immune from this type of problem, but luckily there are resources available to help the individual escape from this misery.

The Misery of Addiction

When people first begin using alcohol or drugs they never expect that they will become addicted – they certainly do not plan to need addiction treatment in order to stop. The real danger with this type of behaviour is that it creeps up on people. One day the individual crosses the line into addiction, but they are usually not aware when this happens. Up until that point the person may have been convinced that these substances were an asset in their life. It gives shy people courage and can act as a type of self medication for many types of mental health problems. Even when these substances stop working (they always do) the person can continue to feel convinced that they are of benefit.

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The downward spiral of addiction can steal everything of value from the individual’s life. One of the early casualties will be their self esteem, but it won’t be long after this that they lose their self respect. If the person is unwilling to consider alcohol or drug rehabilitation they may go on to lose their life. Things never get any better for the addict so long as they keep on using. The fact that they are often in denial can mean that this person fails to see the reality of their situation even though it may be so obvious to everyone around them.

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