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Drug and Alcohol addiction isolates people. The individual often feels the need to hide their difficulties and this can fill them with shame and guilt. Even after the individual breaks away from addiction they can still feel lonely unless they make a determined effort to build a social network of sober friends. Loneliness is a common relapse trigger so it is vital that people are willing to do this type of work. This is something that anyone living in Halkirk who is trying to overcome an addiction will need to think about. The work of building up a new social network should begin in drug or alcoholic treatment centres.

Building a New Social Network in Rehab

The individual does not have to wait until they return home to Halkirk before they can begin rebuilding their social network. Much of this work can begin in rehab. The individual will be surrounded by other folk who are on a similar path, and some of these people may go on to be lifelong friends. Many rehabs also expect the individual to attend support groups during their stay, and this can be another place to begin making friends.

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Once the individual does return home after rehab it is important that they continue to build up their network of sober friends. Those people who intend to join a recovery fellowship will find this to be easy because they will see other people who are sober on a regular basis. Another option for making this type of friendship is online. There are now many recovery communities where it is possible to make real and lasting friendships. Of course face to face social interaction is always going to be better but the online world can be a good resource for additional support and encouragement. The main thing is that the individual does not feel isolated and alone because this will put them at risk of relapse.

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