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Ending an addiction in Caernarfon will usually be easier if the individual is able to make use of the resources that are there to help them do this. This means considering things like alcohol and drug counselling, detox centres, and recovery fellowships. In many instances the individual will respond negative to the suggestion that they need this type of resource. They feel convinced that they do not need any help to end their addiction – even if they have tried on their own many times in the past but failed. In many instances the real problem is that the individual is not fully committed to the idea of recovery, and they may even be afraid that the options available will actually work.

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Ambivalence towards Recovery is Dangerous

One of the real hurdles for people in Caernarfon who are trying to overcome addiction will be ambivalence. To say that somebody is ambivalent is to imply that they are in two minds about something. In the case of an addict this would mean that this person does want to enter recovery, but they also hold onto the hope that they will be one day able to drink or use drugs safely again. Ambivalence can be subtle, but so long as it remains the individual will struggle to recover. Even if they do manage to stay sober for a few weeks, months, or years their reservations will always be there to trip them up. Eventually life in recovery will go through a rough period, and the individual will use this as an excuse to relapse.  It is vital that the individual is 100% to their new life so as to avoid this.

The good news is that once people do become fully ready to end their addiction they can go on to live amazing lives. Sobriety opens up a world of possibility, and the individual can begin to work towards their dreams.

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