Rapid Detox – What you need to know

As the name suggests, patients are offered a quick and apparently painless addiction detox carried out over 5 days.  The patient is sedated and provided with pain killers whilst the body withdraws from the opiate substance they are addicted to.  Pain and discomfort is kept to a minimum using medication to combat withdrawal symptoms.  There are clinics in the UK and abroad that specialise in this service.

Is it successful?

We can only go by our experience of what we have found to work in terms of addiction treatment; Addiction Helper does not agree with this method of detoxification and therefore we do not offer it.  We take calls from many individuals who have previously undergone this kind of treatment, only to relapse and end up where they were before or even worse.  It also takes the human body longer than 5 days to process a long term or heavy opiate addiction, so withdrawal symptoms may be apparent for some weeks after the rapid detox has been completed.

Does it work in the long term?

The answer to this in my experience is no.  Addiction is an illness, an illness that centres in the individuals mind; only by changing the addicts thought processes and perceptions can long term recovery be achieved.  Otherwise you still have an addict, albeit it with the substance temporarily removed.  Without a proper treatment and recovery program the individual is likely to return to the substance once again.  It is unlikely that a detox of this type with have any long term benefits, even the detox its self won’t act as a deterrent as the days will pass in a drug induced haze which the individual will have difficulty recalling accurately.

Things to take into consideration

We at Addiction helper would urge anyone considering a rapid detox, to think again before spending their money on this treatment.  There is no such thing as a quick fix for addiction.  Long term recovery CAN be achieved, but only with the right treatment and aftercare.  The clinics we work with have many years of experience in successfully treating drug and alcohol addiction.  We believe that the detox is only the beginning of someone’s recovery and the sustenance of recovery is achieved through specialist intensive therapy and a program of recovery.  Ethically with the rapid detox, as we feel it is a waste of the persons money.  Individuals with addiction problems need to be shown how to change for the better, if they were able to achieve this on their own, surely they wouldn’t be in the position of needing a detox in the first place.

Who am I calling?

Calls will be answered by admissions at UK Addiction Treatment Group.

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