drugs-pic-getty-images-199264845-83024What are the most addictive drugs in the world? Meth? Heroin? Addictive and dangerous no doubt, but not the most addictive. Here are the top 5 most addictive drugs in the world:

1. Nicotine

Around 30% of people that use nicotine for a period of time become addicted. That figure is worryingly high for something that is sold legally in shops and supermarkets and marketed towards young adults.

2. Caffeine

Also with an addiction rate of around 30%, caffeine is found not only in coffee but also in everything from fizzy pop to chocolate.

3. Heroin

An incredibly addictive and dangerous drug, Heroin is rightly illegal and around 25% of users become addicted. Heroin was once used for medicinal purposes; however, the high rate of heroin addiction in people using the substance led to a worldwide ban.

4. Cocaine

Cocaine is the most popular street drug and is perhaps the most easily accessible, despite being a class-A illegal substance. Around 20% of people that use cocaine for a period of time become addicted.

5. Alcohol

15% of regular drinkers become addicted to alcohol and the problems regularly affect people young and old. Alcohol is the third most addictive drug on this list to be legal.

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