Smoking cannabis can lower your IQ

A recent study carried out on cannabis users in New Zealand has released shocking results that have saturated the world’s media coverage. The results are a cause for concern and a warning to anyone smoking Cannabis with any kind of regularity.

The study started with a group of 1000 children and carried on into their teenage years and through their 20s and 30s. They have been studying the effects of Cannabis use on these people for a period of some 20 years. The individuals were assessed as children prior to using Cannabis and then re interviewed them repeatedly, taking into account any drugs, tobacco or alcohol that they used on a regular basis.

What the results showed

The results showed that of all the people studied, those who regularly smoked Cannabis (at least 4 times a week) during their teenage years and into adult hood, suffered a drop in their IQ level. Furthermore, those that smoked regularly during their teenage years but then later stopped in adulthood, still suffered the same IQ reduction. This suggests that once the damage is done it cannot be reversed by ceasing to smoke the drug. The results also showed that the more people smoked, the greater their decline in IQ. From the study, those who started to smoke Cannabis during their teenage years showed an average IQ decline of 8 points. This decline was decreased / increased depending on the frequency that they smoked it.

Can Smoking Cannabis Lower Your IQ

What the Experts concluded

The researchers concluded that the greatest impact on a person’s IQ happened if they were smoking Cannabis during their teenage years. During this time the brain is undergoing critical levels of development, which the Cannabis hindered. Stopping or reducing the Cannabis later on failed to restore the lost IQ level. The experts cautioned that smoking cannabis regularly for under 18s is particularly risky and could result in an irreversible decline in IQ, this could explain why some people who start smoking Cannabis regularly at a young age, tend to under achieve in life in terms of academia and career. Cannabis addiction harms many people’s chances of a better life.

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