Here’s the scenario of my drug addiction:

I go to the doctors, I advise of my symptoms, he/she writes a prescription to cure the symptoms I have described. Sound familiar? What about this next bit?…

The tablets run out, I’ve finished the course, the symptoms of anxiety/insomnia/pain return. I return to the Doctors and advise them that I am not cured and that the symptoms have come back. I need more tablets as they worked, and they worked well. The Doctor issues a repeat prescription, I feel relieved, elated even. I have my solution in my hand!. This continues for months, years even. Each time feeling a knot of anxiety when the prescription runs out, will this be the time I’m refused a repeat of my prescription? What will I do then? How will I cope? I need these tablets to function! That is the start of my prescription drug addiction .

Eventually, my doctor gently suggests that it is time to come off the tablets as they were only ever meant to be a temporary solution. He writes me out a reduction plan, I’m terrified, I’m desperate but he is adamant. I return home and start the regime, the old familiar feelings of anxiety/insomnia/pain return but this time they are ten-fold! I cant do this, HELP!!

Shall I buy them off the internet or a back street dealer? What can I get over the counter as a substitute? I have to get my solution back, I cannot live like this!

Only some of you may identify with the whole of this scenario of parts of it. For those of you who do, you may be suffering from an addiction that is beyond your mental control. Even using all your strength and will power will not be enough. I have shared this scenario because this was MY experience. I was a prescription pill addict. I HAD to have my daily fix – no matter what the cost, emotionally, physically, morally or financially. This was my living hell for some 5 years before being detoxed in a rehabilitation centre, where the control of my drug addiction was handed over to the professionals. I am now free of this addiction.

Addiction Helper doesn’t just help those addicted to illicit drugs or alcohol, we help with all manor of prescription drug addictions, including over the counter prescription drugs and behavioural addictions. I would be interested to hear from those who have experienced similar, maybe you are still stuck in that seemingly endless cycle, have managed to overcome your addiction, or have a different view.

Whatever your experience, I would be interested to read your comments.