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Addiction Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Kent

At Addiction Helper, we work with the most successful detox and rehab clinics in and around Kent.

All our treatment centres in the Kent area offer an excellent level of care and a detoxification and rehab programme tailored to individual needs. Whether you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol or are suffering from a compulsive behavioural disorder, our experienced assessment team will find the rehab clinic that’s most suitable for you.

Treating alcoholism in Kent

Treatment for an addiction to alcohol can only work if the individual admits they have a problem. This may require an intervention by a specialist alcohol interventionist. Through a properly orchestrated intervention, the individual is confronted with the reality of their addiction and how it affects those around them. We have highly experienced alcohol interventionists in Kent who will manage the intervention process.

The next stage in the treatment for alcohol addiction is usually detoxification which removes alcohol from the system. Detox from alcohol should always be carried out in a medically controlled environment. Withdrawal from alcohol can be uncomfortable and even life-threatening so detox is safest in a residential detox clinic where the client will have 24/7 supervision. Alcohol detox usually lasts between 3 and 7 days and may involve the administration of medication such as tranquilisers.

Detox alone is not enough to ensure long-term abstinence. The addict needs to undergo a rehabilitative programme that helps him or her understand the nature of the addiction and addresses the psychological dependency to alcohol. Rehab also helps the individual develop coping strategies to live a life free of alcohol addiction and to rebuild family relationships that may have broken down. Residential rehab treatment affords the individual the best chance of a healthy, long-term recovery. The residential clinics in and around Kent offer the highest level of care and an excellent programme of rehabilitative treatments to set the individual on the path to recovery.

Following rehab, aftercare is essential in order to prevent relapse. This may involve local counselling in the Kent area and attendance of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Featured Kent Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

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