The Priory Hospital is reputed for its Celebrity status, plush accommodation and high levels of care. Many suffering from addiction or mental health issues seek healing and restoration within their hospital walls. In the past year there have been two suicides within the Roehampton flagship Hospital of the Priory and numerous serious self-harm attempt’s, some of which included the use of ligatures.

The Celebrity Choice Branded Unsafe

Over the years, the Priory name has attracted many celebrities and high rollers, seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction, other addictions, and psychiatric issues.  Celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss, Paul Gascoigne and Robbie Williams, are to name but a few that have all received treatment from the Priory in the past. However, a recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) report branded the Roehampton Priory Hospital UNSAFE. Recording a catalogue over 40 failings where the hospital failed to meet quality and safety standards, The Priory has been labelled as “money grabbing” by some of its previous clients.  One of the most alarming failings raised in the CQC report, where that there were many settings for potential “ligature anchors”.  Other failings stated, included that there were areas that were left unsupervised to which patients had unrestricted access, and over 50 percent of night time waking staff were used from a temporary staffing bank.  These findings alone make for a hazardous rehab care facility with a severe lack in continuity of care and safeguarding.

Sadly, for two of Roehampton’s recent residents, the report has highlighted the failings too late. Mr Stephen Bantoft a Millionaire company chairman, was the most recent tragedy at the hands of The Priory. Mr Bantoft’s loved ones checked him into the Roehampton Priory Clinic in order to save his life and get him the help he very urgently needed. However, Mr Bantoft took his own life by hanging, in less than 3 hours from being admitted to the hospitals Psychiatric ward.  He was in a room alone at the time it happened. During his time at the hospital, Mr Bantoft had not been seen by a Doctor and had not received any medication to assist his condition.

Mr Bantoft’s suicide in December 2015 caused the west wing of the hospital to be closed for urgent modifications.  Following is reopening and assessment by the official watchdog, there were still found to be numerous dangers, and patients being left in a vulnerable state.  Even the tragic death of the 49-year-old family man had not spurned the Priory into taking the appropriate corrective measures.  The famous hospital rehab has now been deemed unsafe.

Priory Poor Safeguarding

These recent revelations will have rocked the Priory’s good name, and just goes to show that money can’t buy better treatment.  An addict or alcoholic can check into the most exclusive drug and alcohol rehab in the world, still fail to get well if there are poor safeguarding, and care quality procedures in place.  A typical 1 weeks stay before any treatment at the Roehampton Priory costs in excess of £6000.00; for this amount of money, it wouldn’t be considered unreasonable to expect the highest in care and latest in addiction and psychiatric treatment.  The very sad thing about the recent deaths is that whilst a death cannot be guaranteed to not happen, purely because of the nature of addiction, it is evident that there could have been more safeguarding procedures in place.  This may well have saved Mr Bantoft’s life, and his family’s great and very sad loss.

Making the Right and Safe Alcohol Rehab Choice

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