UK’s Only Dedicated Teenage Rehab Unit Opens in London

We are constantly bombarded by the media about the current binge drinking trend developing amongst adolescents, and yet, shockingly, since the adolescent alcohol rehab clinic, Middlegate Lodge, closed in 2010, there has not been a single rehab centre specifically for those adolescents who are being lost to alcohol addiction.

However, the recent opening of a similar clinic in London signals an end to this lack of support.

The clinic is a ten bed residential facility providing alcohol rehab as well as support for other addictions such as drug and computer addiction. The clinic will help those aged between 13-18 and is aimed at dealing with issues specific to young people in order to try and improve their quality of life as adults.

Whilst the NHS feel that addiction with adolescents can be tackled within the community by assigning a key worker, it is important to consider that adolescents are constantly surrounded by temptation that is difficult for adults to police such as smartphones and social networking, so adolescents are faced with many more difficulties than when they are in the structured, supportive environment offered at drug and alcohol rehab clinics.

Crucially, they will treat the whole family, not just the individual, recognising the importance of parent’s and sibling’s involvement in recovery. The aim is to deal with any underlying issues and open up positive communication between the family.

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