Breaking the denial of Alcoholism

Determining if you or a loved one suffers with alcohol addiction, is not always an easy truth to face. Pre conceived ideas of what an alcoholic is may delay you or a loved one getting the right treatment, and ultimately result in death. How many times do I hear the following examples of denial and justifications:

  • “ I cant be an alcoholic I don’t drink in the morning”
  • “Its not that bad as I hold down a full time job”
  • “I can stop for a few days if I want, I don’t have to drink every day”
  • “ I only drink beer and wine, its not like im swigging from a bottle of whisky out of a paper bag”
  • “ I take care of my appearance, do the school runs and cook the family meals every day, hardly an alcoholic”
  • “ I drink to relax, not to forget my problems”
  • “ I run a successful business”

Beliefs such as these can really hold a person back from admitting that they are alcoholic. We are brought up and educated by the media to believe that an alcoholic is someone who has to drink in the morning, never washes or eats, has no family or friends and has lost everything that was of any worth. This can happen of course to those who suffer from alcoholism but don’t get help. Make no mistake, alcoholism is a progressive illness and over any given period of time, without treatment, things will only get worse.

What is an alcoholic?

  1. An alcoholic, quite simply is someone that cannot control or moderate their alcohol consumption once they start. Bodily they react differently to alcohol from others
  2. An alcoholic is someone who obsesses over drinking, and when they do stop find it difficult or impossible not to take that first drink again. They have no mental defence against taking the first drink.
Alcoholism is an illness that is manifested from deluded thinking, so it takes a lot of pain and suffering for someone to admit that they are alcoholic.

But if you or a loved one suffer from the physical craving for more once you have started and the mental obsession and compulsion to drink, even when you manage to abstain for periods of time, the likelihood is that you ARE and alcoholic. That being the case, it is vital that professional help is sought as early as possible to address this.


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